“AMATITZA” JSC is a share-holding company of 100% private ownership.
The Company is located at 60 km to the south-west from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, and 30 km away from the regional administrative centre, the town of Pernik. It is located in the village of Kovachevtsi, region of Pernik.


“AMATITZA” JSC is the only industrial enterprise on the territory of the municipality.
The Company has a terrain of 15 000 sq. m., of which the built-up area is as follows:

- a two-storey manufacturing building, each storey of 1 000 sq. m. built-up area and 4,50 m height of the manufacturing halls;
- a three-storey administrative building of 500 sq. m. built-up area; the first and second floor can be set up as manufacturing halls;
- a manufacturing hall of 400 sq. m. built-up area and 8,30 m height;
- materials store-room of 250 sq. m. built-up area and 3,6 m height;
- materials store-room of 440 sq. m. and of 5,2 m height;
- not built-up area – 12 000 sq. m.


1. Manufacturing
- alarm apparatuses: electric door-bell, electric school / alarm bell, electric ship bell, electric siren for industrial/ home purposes.
- electronic transformer for electric door bell and other similar devices.
- floor intercom, entrance intercom, entrance intercom panels.
- electronic transformer for intercom installation.
- energy saving street lighting.

The manufactured items have a construction and technology documentation set which meets the requirements of the BDS /Bulgarian State Standard/.

2. Trading
The range of products of “AMATITZA” JSC is sold through an established network of distributors inside the country and to foreign customers.


- Preparation department – of 1 000 sq. m. area and 4,50 m height – equipped with: edging machine; trimmer; hydraulic double-action presses; eccentric presses; electric resistance welding apparatuses of 10 kVA; turning machines – automated; steel sheet slitting band-saw; turning machines of the type C-8 and C-10; grinding machine for surface grinding; circular grinder; centre-less grinder; milling machines; jig-saw; column drilling machine; bench drills.
- Galvanizing section – of 120 sq. m. area and 4,80 m height with possibilities for electro-chemical plating – zinc, nickel-copper-nickel, tin.
The waste-waters from the galvanizing section get neutralized in the company’s purifier station.
- Coiling section – equipped with coil machines for low-power transformer coils; conductor thickness of up to 0,5 mm.
- Assembly department – of 150 sq. m. area and 4,50 m height, technically furnished with equipment for trial and control of the manufactured products.
- Section for manufacturing of bakelite, equipped with presses for moulding of bakelite parts.
- Administrative and technical service – the second floor of the administrative building, of 300 sq. m. area and 3, 20 m height.
- The Company disposes its own power-supply unit of 20 kV/440V with transformer power of 630 kvA.

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